Friday, March 13, 2009

Save the Dates should go out this weekend

Obviously, the details have been obscured here, but you get the general idea.


I keep forgetting to wear my ring.

It isn't that I don't love it, I just...forget. One of the reasons I didn't want a diamond was that I don't regularly wear a lot of jewelry. I thought a plain band would suit me better because I could wear it to yoga without it getting in the way. I've thought about wearing my wedding band now instead of waiting for the wedding, but I think I should exercise a small amount of patience.

We're getting into the long stretch. The long-endurance portion of the race where you have to pace yourself so you'll still have enough left for the sprint at the end.

I've been putting the details together about what has to happen, but it's all organizational at this point. Find a table renter. think about dinner options.

I'm reading a book called The eternal bliss machine; America's way of wedding by Seligson, Marcia. It was written in 1975 about how the american wedding is synonymous with consumerism. It's pretty awesome. It makes me feel better about not wanting flowers. I really don't like cut flowers, but that's a post for another day.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I bought a dress!

I'm still a little bit in shock. My wedding is 7 months away (far enough away that I had to count on my fingers to be sure) and I have the dress, location, and invitations.

I guess that's not that much.

It feels like a lot, though. I'm relieved mostly because I don't have to worry about things because they're decided, but ....

But, I'm not sure.

that's it in a nutshell.

Not about the marriage, mind you, about the wedding. It feels like something happening to someone else.

Maybe I should have been dreaming about this since I was little. Maybe then I would feel prepared.

I need a perspective tune-up.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's Official!

I had expected the plain band we picked out together.....surprise!

Friday, February 6, 2009

color tool

I was going through older posts at iDIYweddings (there's a link to the right) and found a color based flicker search that is awesome!

You can search by color for up to 10 colors at a time.

I think I have a new hobby.

wedding colors

When I started planning my wedding I was on the line about picking colors. I didn't want to be trapped into something that was obnoxiously color-coordinated on one hand, but I also felt that a coherent palate could really pull things together.

When we picked the venue, it made the decision even more difficult because I didn't want to clash with the majestic surroundings, especially at our ceremony site.

So when I took mountain boy to the paper store I figured we'd pick something in the white-cream-light brown range. Something neutral.

Instead I got the beautiful, rich color combo here:

Mountain boy wanted red-oranges that matched the red rocks in Moab. I wanted the rich chocolate that will match our cake. I had no idea that he was so into these little style elements.

It made me realize that I still don't know him completely. Even after four years he surprises me. I hope in 40 years he'll still surprise me.

I think I'll have a lot of flexibility with this palate.

I've already changed our wedding website to match the invites. Though I still have no idea what they're going to say.

Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yesterday Mountain boy and I went to expidex (local paper products store) and picked out our invitations. This wasn't the plan. I had intended to go by myself to brows and think and maybe bring home a few samples, but when the boy found out that I was going he wanted to come. After about ten minutes he had picked out one he liked. We ended up getting something the same color but a different layout.

It was an odd experience. Maybe because it wasn't planned (I'm big on planning), but also because I got to see his taste and preference without me pushing for something really different. The only part I was insistent on was that we somehow work in a pocket.

I absolutely love the colors. The outer portion that folds into itself to create the envelope is deep chocolate brown. I bought sheets of deep grass green paper to make a border, and the invitation itself is dark orange/terracotta. The rsvp cards are sage green, and have grass green envelopes. As soon as I can get the camera charged, I'll post pictures, but it's a similar style to the picture above.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

proposal update:

P.S. - Still no proposal. We've set a date, booked a place, and told all our friends and family, but technically I'm not engaged.

eh. When have we ever done anything in order?

Yay! We have a date and a location!

Big movements on the planning front: we've booked a location for the reception and picked a site for the ceremony.

We are officially $500 non-refundable deposit committed. Boo-yeah!

It's more beautiful than I had ever imagined. I'm not sure how to explain it. I consciously refused to imaginary-plan my wedding when I was younger. I fought the urge to picture myself in a white dress, blah, blah. So when the idea that I might actually marry Mountain Boy developed I started thinking about a wedding for myself for the first time. I even bought a wedding magazine. It took me the better part of a year to decide for sure that I wanted to have a wedding at all.

Now, I'm so excited. I'm simply amazed at how much fun it's been thinking about what the day will be like. And now, I have a setting, so the imagining is moving from vague to focused.

Not just any setting, either. The most perfect most beautiful place imaginable.

We're booking-out a B&B for two nights, having the ceremony just outside of Arched National Park, and then having the reception in the garden behind the B&B. That stretched out the event over a weekend, and allows us to provide rooms for family and friends coming from out of state. And, as if that weren't enough, the B&B is run by a gourmet chef who will be doing a full dinner. all for less than $2200. The rest is details.

Just amazing.
pictures to come.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Venue

Mountain Boy and I are going to Moab this weekend to look at reception and ceremony sites. We're trying to decide whether to have the ceremony in Arches National Park or just outside on public land. The park has more facilities, but there are restrictions in other ways. Outside the park will be cheaper, but no facilities. I think it will depend on the locations we find.

I downloaded the OffBeat Bride checklist. It was really helpful in listing some of the consideration associated with picking a venue and date (nice stuff like asking parents about scheduling conflicts). I'm anticipating there will be issues getting Mountain Boy's family in from out of state, but his sister will be a huge help there.

I've been getting a lot of advice about not disclosing that the "event" we are planning is a wedding. We talked about it and both think that lying is out of the question. It's too creepy-dishonest. Though I do think we need to be cautious about people giving us bum deals.

Any advice?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

This weekend we started talking about our wedding plans. We've told my parents and Mountain Boy's sister and our friends. So it's getting more and more official: we're having our wedding in September in Moab.

The more I say it the more excited I get.

The most interesting thing is how exciting it is to tell people we are planning a wedding. One friend summed it up pretty well: if you just told people you were planning a party and you wanted them to come visit, maybe one or two would come... but a wedding. It has also be interesting to make such a public declaration of love. For a long time I didn't really understand why people were so into weddings, but now I think I'm starting to get it. I hope it stays this fun.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The planning moves forward

It's been a busy few weeks. Despite to notable absence of a proposal, Mountain Boy and I have started officially planning. We've decided on a date(-ish) and a location.

I'm having a destination wedding! Woot.

For now, I'm keeping the big details relatively under wraps.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas wishes

Ah, what a lovely holiday. Warm snuggling over cocoa, skiing in lightly falling snow, family gatherings decorated with sparkling lights.

and yet.....

no ring.

Well, Virginia, there may be a Santa, but his romantic timing sucks!

Why I don't want a diamond

My mother saw a long time wish fulfilled this Christmas. She traded her small diamond ring for a honking 4-grand three stone. She's wanted it for years. I had always told her that if she wanted it so bad she should buy it for herself, but she wouldn't.

The new ring replaces the ring she married with. The old ring had a small diamond flanked by two small chips. The setting was partially white gold and partially yellow gold. It was the ring my parents could afford when they were young and poor. Now, I feel like it holds more sentimentality to me than it does to my mom.

It's not my decision.

When Mountain Boy and I decided it was time to look at rings for our wedding I made the decision to go without a diamond. It's less about the politics surrounding the stone and more a reflection of my style. I don't like rings that stand up off my finger, and fancy rings aren't really my thing. So when Mountain Boy stated a preference for titanium, we found a kick-a$$ deal on matching 4 mm bands.

My mother has already told me that i am inheriting her old ring. She wanted to put the diamond into a necklace for me to wear at the wedding, but I think I want to have it in it's original ring form. If I have it re-sized I can wear it myself. To me, it still represents my parent's commitment and love. Removing the stone wouldn't be the same. To me, it's not the diamond but the ring that matters.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Other Wedding Blogs

I'm collecting other wedding blogs because a large influence in making my own blog is the community around non-traditional wedding decisions. I've com across all types ranging from the brazen and blatant, to the guilty and apologetic (e.g.: I know this is bad, but I decided to____).

I've found that there are a few key posts that tell me most of what I need to know about the bride's planning style: the dress and the cake.

It was the idea of a huge cake that pushed me from the courthouse-elopement dream to the wedding ceremony in public dream. Not the princess dress, or the adoring fanfare of "my special day" (choke, gag, cough). It's the idea of a towering pile of chocolate cake and frosting. mmmmm.

Also, I want to make my own cake, and I'm toying with the idea of making my own dress. This is partially a money issue, but after careful consideration it's also a control issue (does that make me a Controlling Bride?? We'll have to see.) Basically, I know I can make exactly what I want without having to pay someone a few grand to do it for me.

Back to the blogs. I'm really amazed at the variety of styles when it comes to the cake. it's much more free-form than say, the dress or the invitations. There is a wider range of acceptable options.

In my case, my cake may be one of the most traditional elements of the whole shebang.

This is not you wedding

I had my first encounter with an acquaintance convinced that she knew more about how my wedding should be than I did. I mean, she successfully planned a wedding, so whatever I think I want, I will be miserable if I don't do what she did.

Really, though, I set myself up for it. I admitted to some friends that I was starting to make some decisions about planning a wedding, and that I want to go non-traditional and do most of it myself. Am I completely wrong about what I want? I don't think so. Good thing I have people I barely know to tell me, otherwise I might plan my wedding wrong!

I think that I underestimated how difficult it will be for me to go non-traditional.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

This won't be a $10,000 wedding

According to the wedding cost analyzer, "On average, couples that live in (Salt Lake City, UT) spend between $19,630 and $32,716 for their wedding. "

I'm hoping to spend about 1/10 of that.

Maybe it's just the tight grasp of the Wedding Industrial Complex (WIC), but I feel a little like I'm just the opposite end of the bridzilla spectrum. Mountain Boy and I have not yet had the sit-down planning meeting where we set the ground rules (thanks to Sara at 2000 Dollar Wedding for the idea) , but I think I need to add a few rules about keeping the unity in the wedding.

Any ideas?

Our Habit of Bucking Tradition

Little about my relationship with Mountain Boy has followed a traditional path. After an intense whirlwind courtship where, at first, we were not officially together as a dating couple, we moved in together. It was less than a year after we had met, and about four months after we had come out as a couple to our friends (they had all figured it out anyway). It felt quick, but we had both lived with other partners before and knew right away that we were compatible, so when our leases expired within a month of one another, it made good fiscal sense. We secured a larger apartment for about half of what we had been paying for two places.

After that things settled into a really nice living arrangement that lasted for two years. I was happy and probably would still be there if I had been left to my own devices.

Mountain Boy had other plans. He has always been much more level headed than me, and is a practitioner of level headed practices like savings and planning. One day, he suggested we buy a house.


We were happy, I had made a job shift and was making a little more money, but adding a mortgage to our happy picture had never crossed my mind. So, after a little convincing, I agreed and we launched into a house hunt. I do like searching for things. It was like a gigantic Easter egg hunt. It was also a prudent fiscal decision; you may have detected a theme here.

So, now a year later we are sitting in our very own downtown condo. (It fit our budget better than a house.) It's a historic building built in 1907 and had beautiful mission style molding. When people ask weather or not I'm married I love the looks I get when I respond:

"No, we skipped marriage and went straight to mortgage."

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pre Engagement Stage: no man's land

There was never any doubt that my wedding would be unusual. Mountain Boy and I just aren't the type of people who easily buy into things, particularly traditions. This combination of natures is perhaps why we work so well together; why we have loved our partnership into existence.

Case in point, we have had our wedding rings for almost six months. They are in the bottom shelf drawer. Six months is a really long time to know that your wedding ring is in the drawer.

We bought the rings on sale after a period of time where we had been talking about marriage in more and more concrete terms. I didn't want to be surprised by an engagement ring I didn't like, so I had started hinting about styles ant types... pointing out rings on TV or on other people.

Mountain Boy, after some period of ignoring my hints announced that he'd like a titanium ring. After looking a t a few online and at at an art booth, we found a website with bands in a style I liked on sale.

They're perfect. We each have a matching band (I'm not really into diamonds), and they were $99 a piece. Awesome. They came in the mail a few weeks later, and MB smiled and put them in the drawer.

Days went by....weeks.

Two nice romantic dinners.... nope.

Quiet hikes to mountain lakes.... nuhha.

Moon-lit camping on the beach... still nothing.

Holiday family gatherings......zilch

My birthday.... zero

His birthday.....btthpp.

Now, I'm not a patient person, but this would try anyone's nerves. So I hope I will be forgiven in the fact that I could not keep quiet about the rings in the drawers. My friends all knew, his friends all knew, I told my mother. I mean, come on, I had to tell my mother!

At this point I'm pretty sure that a portion of our friends had formed a betting-pool. One in particular has taken to asking Mountain Boy whether or not he's asked me yet every time he sees him.

My next probably date is Christmas. There is good reason to think this will be it. If not, maybe New Years.

By this time, you may be asking why I don't just propose to him. It's a good question. If I'm so non-traditional, then what does it matter? Right?

I guess it just does. I feel a little like I rushed him into living together. I don't want to wonder weather we got married earlier than he wanted to.

Maybe this is Mountain Boy's way of reclaiming the surprise. At this point it is kinda funny. In any event, it's a story.

Besides, it isn't as though a silly thing like not technically being engaged has stopped me from starting to plan the wedding. (ahem, or starting a blog about it).

When he proposes, I'll post a picture. The ring really is lovely.
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